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Personalize It!

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

I first ran across this video in a blog post (from Henna Bakshi on Chowhound; find it here) several years ago after trying some of the wonderful recipes from Runamok Maple. I LOVE their recipes (and highly recommend them), but since we make our own syrup I wasn't about to buy someone else's, so I researched how to make my own infused maple syrup. It's wonderfully easy, and incredibly versatile.

There are just a couple of rules:

  • Don't boil the syrup, just simmer

  • If mixing bold and delicate flavors, take the bold ones out earlier than the lighter ones so you keep a nice balance (you might have to play around with that a little to get it just the way you like)

  • Match the grade of syrup to the flavors: darker syrup to strong flavors, lighter syrup to more subtle flavors or ingredients.

  • Use whole or roughly chopped spices instead of ground (cinnamon sticks, not ground cinnamon) so you can strain it out when it's done.

  • Store in glass jars as plastic will not keep your flavors as fresh.

That's it!

Use your imagination, let your creativity fly, and make your own Signature Maple Flavor!

By the way, these make fabulous gifts: How 'bout orange and lavendar infused maple syrup for Mother's Day? Or smoky hot pepper infused maple for a barbecue enthusiast?

Some of our favorites here at Treehugger Maple: cinnamon sticks/cardamom/allspice, jalapeño or other hot pepper, and Henna Bakshi's orange/rosemary.

Ideas from around the web:

  • dark roasted coffee beans

  • cooked bacon

  • dried lavender

  • vanilla beans

  • crushed red pepper

  • fresh ginger

  • jasmine or other florals

Basic instructions:

  1. Heat 1 cup of pure maple syrup on the stovetop over medium heat to just simmering

  2. Add chosen spices and ingredients

  3. Simmer for 5-10 minutes

  4. Remove from heat and let rest for an additional 10 minutes

  5. Strain into glass jars and refrigerate.

  6. Enjoy!!

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