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We are a small, family-owned, sugarbush (sugar maple forest) in southeastern Indiana, dedicated to crafting the very finest maple syrup using the best of both traditional and modern methods. 

We started making syrup after discovering that the farm we'd just bought was full of sugar maple trees.  Thinking it would be a fun hobby for the the kids and a great homeschool project, we rigged up an old shed with a turkey fryer for the evaporator and old milk jugs for sap buckets.  It took us all day and half the night to make 1 cup of syrup!  Wow, how times have changed! 

We were determined to become the best sugarers possible, and over the years we continued learning, growing, investing, and building.   We believe there will always be something new to learn or try!


All our syrup is made in small batches throughout the season and dated individually.  Each batch is unique, reflecting the conditions in the forest on the day it was made.



We are also proud members of Indiana Grown and Homegrown by Heroes.

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Meet The Team



Sugarmaker, Inventor, Forester, and Jack-of-all-trades



Sugarmaker, Finisher, and Accidental Marketer


Jen & Eryn

Reluctant Snow Bunnies and Friends Extraordinaire

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15203 Ott Rd, Laurel, IN 47024, United States  |  Tel: +1 765-309-5333

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