Maple Syrup - Mason Jar - pint

Maple Syrup - Mason Jar - pint


Pint Mason jar of pure, luscious, maple syrup


    Golden Delicate is the first run of the season and has a light, fresh taste with a pale sunbeam color.  It's like drizzling spring sunshine and rain on your plate.  Limited availability since it's usually only the first run.  

    This is a great choice for people who prefer lots of sweetness without a strong maple flavor.  Folks often say it tastes more sugary since it's not competing with maple-y-ness (technical term).

    Ideas:  It works well as a natural sweetener in cakes, frostings, iced tea, salad dressings, and other light foods where you might not want competing flavors or colors.


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    Amber Rich is the mainstay of the season.  This is classic, traditional maple syrup with velvety smooth, rich maple goodness.



    Dark Robust late in the season as the trees begin to approach spring budding.  The flavor is strong and full, with intense maple taste.  This is our BEST SELLER and is Scott's favorite.  

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